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Mr Kamanzi and the Reggaenerators
Mr Kamanzi And The Reggaenerators

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Mr Kamanzi

Since he was 12, Mr. Kamanzi has had a love for music. One of his biggest dreams growing up was to perform on the big stage. It was in 1995 when he got the opportunity to do so: he considers that the start of his music career. He developed a unique vocal style of his own, which some people call “the husky voice of Africa”. A few years later, Mr. Kamanzi migrated to Switzerland. In 2008, he shared the stage with T.o.k and Sean Paul in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Mr. Kamanzi has published 2 Albums: "Unite" and "Today and Tomorrow". His song "Show dem the sign" received high rotation on the local airwaves. Mr. Kamanzi has performed in numerous concerts in Africa and Europe. His career, spanning over the years, has catapulted him into a world-renowned artist, covering musical styles from Reggae and Afrobeat to Dancehall and Pop dancehall.  His music uplifts and educates people and spreads peace and love, following his motto: "anywhere mi deh mi spread love". 


Mr. Kamanzi has worked with the Reggaenerators since 2021..

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