Band Members

Bandphoto The Reggaenerators
Left to right: Beat Bommeli, Nikola Blagojević, Michael Burkhalter, Jonas Hegnauer


Portrait Mike Burkhalter
Mike Burkhalter (Drums)

Michael aka Jahmaik is the drummer of the Band. Founding member of Fusion Square Garden (FSG) and The Dubmachine. His label Trinity Records produced albums like The Power of Trinity (Jah Mason, President Brown, Mark Wonder, Mikey General and many more) and Set the captives free (Prince Theo JA).

Jahmaik also promoted concerts of Jamaican artists in Switzerland and used to live in St.Ann and St. Thomas, Jamaica in the 90`s.

Beside drumming he is in charge of the audio material and the band’s booking..

Portrait Jonas Hegnauer
Jonas Hegnauer (Bass)

Jonas is the bass player of the Reggaenerators. He was born in 87’ in Zurich as the son of a blues and jazz musician. His father taught him the basics of music and string instruments starting from the early 90’. He had his first band in 97’. He studied at the Jazzschool Lucerne and the ZHdK and received the Master of Arts in Music degree in 18’.

Jonas played more than 300 concerts with artists like Exco Levi, Raggabund, Elijah, Collie Herb, Irina Mossi, De Luca, Bondaa, Nappy Paco and The Mighty Roots. He was a co-founder of the Dubby Conquerors and the bandleader of Rootfire and The Dubmachine.

Jonas is the musical director and social media manager of the Reggaenerators.

Portrait Nikola
Nikola Blagojević (Guitar)

Nikola, the guitar player of the band, spent the last 15 years playing and performing with various bends spanning from blues, reggae, ska and rock’n’roll to progressive rock and jazz. He is responsible for managing the band's time schedule.

Beat Bommeli (Keyboards)
Beat Bommeli (Keys)

Beat started his musical journey as a child on an electrical organ which paved his way as keyboard player for various rock-, pop- and indie-bands, as well as a pianist for many singer-songwriter, choir- and EDM projects (5inch, lö schanal, Romanow, Sons Of Phenix). Beat is responsible for the bands website, its financials and other admin stuff.